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Welcome to comms4free !!!
This site features:
  • links to software for Internet communication
  • only freeware or sponsored software (i.e. no shareware!)
  • links to certain free services available on the Internet (mail box, web space, etc.)
  • all links categorized
  • all categories accessible from all pages (except for extras in Other Links)
  • each link briefly described
  • each link description provides information about language versions
  • software and services, that the authors consider very good or very useful, are awarded "Lady bird" Lady bird
Anything else we can offer?
  • if you have any comments concerning the contents or the site itself, do not hesitate to contact us at or by using our mail form.
  • if you know/use any software/service that you would like to recommend to others, let us know about it and suggest it to us via our form.
  • for Czech visitors there is almost identical  Czech version of comms4free at
What comms4free stands for? Communication Software For Free.


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