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Download PhoneFree - free communication over the Internet + free calls to the U.S.
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 This page contains every useful free service we saw on the net,
except for free mail and free web space.
We hope you will like some of them... we usually do.

 Counter4Free Great help to many webmasters like we are... counter for your web page for free. What else you need??? To pick your counter style... and there are about 50 styles to choose from. We use one of them on the main menu on the left (you should see it, by the way...)
 CallWave Free Internet Answering Machine (IAM; for U.S. residents only) and Internet Fax Box (IFB). IAM takes messages for you when your phone line is busy and sends them to you right to your desktop. You just need to activate the call forward on busy service. The IFB works similarly: You get free fax number and all incoming faxes will be e-mailed to you. IFB is available for anyone, the fax number is U.S. one of course.
If the c4f was located in the U.S. we would definitely use this service... Free e-mail, fax and voice mail box in one account. Your account number equals your home phone number and your friends do not need to remember any other number. In the U.S. using a toll-free number, in other more than 45 countries (incl. Czech Rep.!!!) using local number your friends, colleagues, family can leave you voice mail or send a fax. To pick these up, just connect to the Internet anywhere in the world and view your e-mail and faxes, or listen to the voice mail. Cannot believe that? Try it - it is for free as everything at c4f.

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