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Download PhoneFree - free communication over the Internet + free calls to the U.S.
Dial-Up Meter 1.01 This is a very nice utility for costs control of dial-up connection. In Slovak only. English/Czech version are being prepared.
Dial-up Networking Monitor 2.1a A very useful utility for all Dial-Up Networking users. Measures your current Internet connection speed. Automatically detects when dialing and when connected/disconnected.
InoculateIT PE 5.1
  Comms4free's Ladybird award
Freeware anti-virus software for Win95/98. Real-time scan, frequent virus data updates (once a week). InoculateIT PE features everything you need from anti-virus software, except for heuristics. All you need is register (for free) with Computer Associates and then download about 3.2 MB installation file. Virus data updates are usually 500kB.
Klox 1.2
  Comms4free's Ladybird award
Klox is one of those things on your desktop you will definitely love. Beautiful photographic quality round clock on your desktop - always on top (guaranteed). Choose from multiple skins or submit your own! Chimes on every hour, reminder included.
QuickTime Player 5 Another version of Apple QuickTime Player (streaming music and video, *.mov video files, etc.). Available for MacOS and Windows.
WinAmp 2.64 Famous multimedia files (mp3, wav, mid, etc.) and CD player. Customizable by adding new skins (downloadable from for example
Zone Alarm Your free personal firewall. It is recommended for LAN and cable modem users that are not behind a firewall to run their own. It is worth it. Believe us. We recommend this software to you.
ItweakU 3.50 LE
  Comms4free's Ladybird award
However this LE is just a freeware version of ItweakU Pro 3.50, it is still a very useful system utility. The LE version, however some functions are disabled, offers a wide variety of Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 system settings/hidden utilities so you do not need to dig in the registry or search the system folders. To access those disabled you have to buy a full "Pro" version. 

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