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 This pages shows our subjective preferences to any kind of website. 
If you sent us an interesting site we will like, we might publish it here. 
In recommendation, please, include brief description and evaluation. Thanks. J. & M.

 Atlas Czech web gate. Bought by Microsoft to become a part of msn. Offers free mail services (mujmail), free web disk (mujdisk), free web space (mujweb), SMS gate for all Czech cell phone networks, digital maps of the Czech Republic and its cities and towns, news digest, etc.
 Common Law Society
Law students' association at the Charles University Law Faculty in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. This site features its "Bulletin" and "Common Law Review" Internet Edition.
 MikSoft, s.r.o. (Ltd.)
Smaller Czech hardware and software retailer. A company you can trust when buying a computer or components. Perfect customer service. Miksoft sells also cell phones, their accessories, and general telecommunication devices (phones, faxes, answering machines).
 SETI@Home Project Probably no need to introduce. S.E.T.I. stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Please, help the scientists find intelligence in the Space. SETI@Home works as a screensaver or standalone program. Internet connection necessary for data upload.

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