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  startrek sites 

Note: This is a personal collection of StarTrek* links of J. Buchvaldek

StarTrek Official Site A site run by Paramount. Official information, ST time line, regular chat with StarTrek characters (actors), official news, contests,  links to official products' sites, and many more... LCARS like interface.
StarTrek In Sound and Vision  Looking for some great StarTrek stuff like wallpapers, new sounds for your Windows, LCARS programs, screensavers or just pictures in general? STINSV has all of that for you. LCARS like interface.
Bennisoft's StarTrek Site This German site offers very interesting programs to download. LCARS File Manager, Editor, Calculator, ZIP Manager, etc. Most of them are freeware, some are shareware. Links to other LCARS sites provided as well.
U.S.S. Voyager Site Everything you ever wanted to know about Voyager but were afraid to ask... screensavers, wallpapers, programs, sound, etc. LCARS like interface.
LCARS Terminal What is LCARS? Library Computer Access and Retrieval System. LCARS Terminal (LT) is a shareware program that simulates LCARS on your computer. LT offers also database with loads of pictures and data, calendar, agenda planner, and many more. 
FedPlace LCARS
  Comms4free's Ladybird award
LCARS programs, animated gifs, screensavers, WinAmp Skins. LCARS like interface.

© J.Buchvaldek 2000

 *) Please note: StarTrek is registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Inc.